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Find balance.
Make healthy choices.
Find your happiness.
Discover your motivation.
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Womens Therapy and Counseling in St. Louis

As a women’s therapist and health coach in St. Louis, I empower you to
overcome anxiety and depression, kick the addictions that hurt you, 
and create the life you have always wanted.  
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Kelly O'Donnell, Womens Therapist St. Louis

Are you ready to transform your life?

“It can be scary to reach out for help the first time. Counseling is actually very empowering and, once you get started, not scary at all! Most people actually enjoy it. It is a time to put yourself first, a time to truly be seen and heard in a safe space, a time to sort through your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and feel more in control.  Working with me can help you change habits and overcome unwelcome behaviors. You can overcome barriers to your happiness and live in the world with confidence and grace.”
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